Friday, August 18, 2006

Blogging Basics

Being that you all have master's degrees, you could probably figure all this out on your own, but a little tutorial might be a good thing. So I present to you Blogging Basics:

Creating Posts: Go to and log in. This is somewhat counter-intuitive, because you can't create posts from the blog itself. Once you're logged in you'll be at a page called the Dashboard. Where it says UW SLPs Class of 06, click on "New Post" logo. Or, click on the blog name, and on the following page click the "Create new post button." Now just type away. When you're done it will ask you to publish or republish the blog. Go ahead and make it republish the entire blog.

Formatting: Blogger makes this very easy. When you are writing your post in "Compose" mode you can format it much like you would a word document, including making things bold or italicized, or in different colors. To do more fancy stuff, like a strike through, you'll have to click on the "Edit Html" tab and add in the right tags.

Linking: Blogger also makes linking easy. To link something, write the word you want linked, highlight it, then click the link button (looks like a green ball sorta). Then you put in the URL of the site you want to be linked. For instance, you could do something like this: Pub Golf is awesome.

Posting pictures: There's a few ways to do this. The easiest is to click on the little picture icon in the compose mode and either upload a picture or put in the URL of a picture. To find the URL of a picture you see on the web, right click (I'm talking PC's here) and choose "copy image location" or something of that nature. On a mac you would click and hold on the picture to get that option (in firefox at least). Then when you are putting in the URL of the picture do your paste command and it should work out. Another way is to post a picture from flickr. Flickr is a great website where I host all my pictures and it also makes it really easy to blog pictures. If you set it up right you can connect your flickr and blogger accounts and create blog posts with included pictures right from flickr. Flickr also makes it easy to post pictures the traditional way by clicking on "see different sizes" and then copying the picture's URL. I have linked flickr and photobucket (another image hosting site) in the links section of the sidebar.

Because blogger makes things so easy, there's not much need for using the Edit Html function. Two reasons I use it often: 1. Moving where a picture shows up in the post. When you put in a picture with the picture icon it always puts it at the top of the post. You may have to go in and cut and paste all the picture related html in order to move it. 2. Making links open in new windows. I like links that pop up a new window so you still have the blog post open. To do this, go into the html of the link and put "target=blank" directly after the final quotation mark of the URL and before the >.

I use this website to help me figure out html. It is also linked in the sidebar.

If all my rambling is incoherent, try the blogger help section.


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